Livermore-Amador Valley Garden Club

June 22, 2023

Livermore-Amador Valley Garden Club
The club was started almost 40 years ago with some locals along with Alden Lane Nursery and Western Garden Nursery who have continued us all these years. Membership is around 125 to 150 with a variety of interests that have developed monthly work/craft/gardening parties.
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Garden Share: Once a year 4 or 5 club members open their gardens to the club in general for a tour featuring gardens in Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin. As many as their are club members there are different types of gardens. One such gardener has moved her garden to cut flower beds and recently with a group of friends prepared 70 plus bouquets to accompany Culinary Angel meal deliveries to cancer patients with a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten their day.
EGG: Edible Garden Group meets monthly to learn about growing their own food.
Eden Garden: Located on the grounds of Crosswinds Church in Livermore and is celebrating 15 years of growing a garden and community.  LAVGC and members of the community meet weekly to plant and harvest food for the Tri Valley Haven, Goodness Village, and Culinary Angels.  In 2022  3,432 pounds of food has been donated with 801 volunteer hours from the Garden club and the community.
Clare's Fare: is a new garden started 3 years ago on the grounds of the St. Clare's Church, Pleasanton and is maintained by the community, LAVGC, and members of the church.  They meet weekly to plant and harvest food for La Familia Food Bank and Culinary Angels.  In 2022 they harvested 2,740 pounds of food with 480 volunteer hours.
Hansen Rose Garden: Livermore--In 2013 the Livermore parks department called on the garden club to help maintain the hundreds of roses at the garden. In 2022 volunteers spent 213 volunteering to care for the roses.  In 2021 the club received a grant from Plant America to replace 50 of the aged roses.
Seed Share: Monthly a group gathers to pack seeds gathered by members in to small packets that are distributed free at the Pleasanton and Livermore Libraries as well as events held by the club.
Sensory Garden: LAVGC developed the garden next to the senior center in Pleasanton 30 years ago and has helped maintain since.  Recently for the anniversary new signs have been installed along with refreshing of the beds to represent a true garden for your senses.  Group meets once a month at the garden to maintain the plantings.
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